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  • It's Time to Vote!

    Justice Lillehaug and his family are shown after voting at the Jones-Harrison Residence. Remember to vote for Justice Lillehaug today!

  • Pioneer Press Endorses Justice Lillehaug

    Today the Pioneer Press endorsed Justices Lillehaug and Wright, stating: "Minnesotans should share our confidence in these two judicial leaders. . . ."

  • Star Tribune Strongly Endorses Justice Lillehaug and Justice Wright!

    The Star Tribune Editorial Board says that Minnesotans can vote for Justice Lillehaug and Justice Wright with "supreme confidence." They are "not simply the best choices in these races. Each is an exceptional asset on the court. Voters should keep them there." The Editorial Board notes Lillehaug's "hearty endorsements from a stellar assortment of judges, lawyers and public officials across the political spectrum." Citing Lillehaug's "conspicuous" skills as a courtroom lawyer and legal thinker and communicator, the Editorial Board believes that he will continue to "serve all Minnesotans well and impartially from the bench."
  • Justice Lillehaug Takes a Southeast Swing

    Today Justice Lillehaug visited Red Wing, Austin, Owatonna, and Faribault. In the evening he appeared on Rochester-Austin TV. Here is a link to the story.

  • Former Justices Write for Justice Lillehaug

    Today the Brainerd Dispatch published a letter from former Chief Justices and former Justices supporting Justice Lillehaug. The letter, captioned "Lillehaug Has Been Impartial," is available here.  

  • First Radio Ad to Run

    The first Justice Lillehaug radio ad, called "That's Why,"is in the can, and it's compelling! The ad cites Justice Lillehaug's more than 30 years of experience and his service as U.S. Attorney. "Trusted. Fair. That's why he's Justice David Lillehaug." The ad will will be heard on more than 80 stations. Listen to the ad below.


  • Justice Lillehaug Appears on Eagan Cable

    Justice Lillehaug's recent interview on "Access to Democracy" is airing on Eagan cable. This is Lillehaug's fourth sit-down with the venerable Alan Miller, who over 14 years has hosted most major Minnesota public figures. View the interview below.

  • Justice Lillehaug Visits with Middle School Students

    Justice Lillehaug regularly speaks to, and answers questions from, groups of student touring the Capitol complex. Here he is shown with a group from Hastings Middle School.

  • Visit to New Ulm

    Today Justice Lillehaug campaigned in New Ulm, concluding with a speech to the Lions Club. He is shown here with Club member Wil Burdorf as they stopped by KNUJ Radio.

  • Lillehaug Family Cheers On Marathoners

    As they do every year at their house at Milepost 4, Justice Lillehaug and his family greet runners in the Twin Cities Marathon.

  • Justice Lillehaug Views Capitol Renovation

    Accompanying architects and construction managers, Justice Lillehaug tours the ongoing renovation of the State Capitol that includes the historic courtroom.  Shown here are photos from outside the dome.


  • Justice Lillehaug and the Court Visit Worthington

    Today the Supreme Court heard oral argument at Worthington High School. Attending also were students from Luverne, Ellsworth, Fulda, and Slayton. Before the argument, Justice Lillehaug was interviewed by reporter Justine Wettschreck of KWOA Radio. Listen to the interview below.

  • Justice Lillehaug Addresses North Suburban Voters

    Below is an address by Justice Lillehaug that is being shown on cable TV in the northern suburbs of St. Paul. In the video, Justice Lillehaug emphasizes that he is fair and impartial, deciding cases on the basis of precedent and principle rather than politics. He praises the state's district court judges who do the "heavy lifting" in the judicial branch.

  • Justice Lillehaug Overwhelming Choice in State Bar Poll

    The results are in and it's a landslide! In the Minnesota State Bar Association Plebiscite, Justice Lillehaug received more than 93% of the vote, while his opponent received less than 7%.

  • Gathering with St. Paul Law Students

    At a gathering in St. Paul, Justice Lillehaug speaks about his experience on the bench with law students from William Mitchell College of Law and Hamline University School of Law. The event was sponsored by the American Constitution Society. Pictured with Justice Lillehaug are William Mitchell first-year students Karen Rice and Jaqueline Fogal.

  • U.S. Attorney Reunion

    At a reunion, former U.S. Attorney Lillehaug stands with three former U.S. Attorneys, each public supporters: Tom Berg, Jim Rosenbaum, and Tom Heffelfinger. Berg was appointed by President Carter; Rosenbaum by President Reagan; and Heffelfinger by both Presidents Bush. Lillehaug, appointed by President Clinton, served from 1994-1998.


  • Volunteer Lawyers Network Dinner

    Attending the annual VLN dinner at the Nicollet Island Pavilion, Justice Lillehaug reconnects with dozens of his more than 1,000 public supporters. Justice Lillehaug is a strong advocate of pro bono work. Pictured with him are attorneys Patrick R. Burns and Nicole Moen.

  • Simonett Inn of Court

    Justice Lillehaug is the featured speaker at the Simonett Inn of Court in St. Cloud. Justice Lillehaug holds the Supreme Court seat once held by John Simonett of Little Falls, one of the best trial lawyers in Minnesota history.

    Former Justice John E. Simonett

  • Elite Trial Lawyers Endorse Justice Lillehaug

    Today Justice Lillehaug was notified that he has been endorsed for election by the Academy of Certified Trial Lawyers of Minnesota, "a bipartisan and politically unaffiliated organization." The Academy's members are attorneys who have been certified by the National Board of Trial Advocates or by the Minnesota State Bar Association as specialists in civil or criminal trial law.

  • University of Minnesota Football Game

    Justice Lillehaug and his daughter, Kara, greet friends and supporters at the U of M football game. Here's Kara's selfie from the game. In private practice, Justice Lillehaug did legal work for the U.

  • Appellate Lawyers Overwhelmingly Support Justice Lillehaug

    By a public Statement of Support, 131 appellate lawyers have endorsed Justice Lillehaug and his colleague, Justice Wilhelmina Wright. Justice Lillehaug's list of public supporters is on its way toward 2,000!

  • Lynx Playoff Game

    Justice Lillehaug attends the Lynx playoff game with family friends; catches a T shirt thrown by mascot Prowl!

  • Justice Lillehaug Visits Nilan Johnson Lewis Firm in Minneapolis

    Justice Lillehaug is shown here with name partners Don Lewis, Michael Nilan, and Brian Johnson. Mike Nilan and Justice Lillehaug served together on the Civil Litigation Section Governing Council. Don Lewis and Justice Lillehaug are both alumni of the U.S. Attorney's Office.

  • Support at the Criminal Justice Institute

    Along with hundreds of prosecutors, defense lawyers, and judges, Justice Lillehaug attended the two-day Criminal Justice Institute. He's shown with Fred Friedman, retired chief public defender from Duluth, and John Stuart, retired state chief public defender. Both prominent defense lawyers support Justice Lillehaug.


  • Former Supreme Court law clerks endorse Justice Lillehaug

    Today eight attorneys who just finished their Supreme Court clerkships added their names to the more than one thousand public supporters of Justice Lillehaug. Among their comments:

    Calleigh McRaith:“In addition to his intellectual vigor, Justice Lillehaug was extremely kind and a pleasure to work with. The Supreme Court is stronger for his presence, so I hope that everyone will vote to keep him in office this November!”

    Staci Perdue: “It was such an amazing opportunity to work with Justice Lillehaug. He is one of the most dedicated and hardest workers I have met, but he still took the time to get to know all of the law clerks.”

    Nathan Ebnet: "Justice Lillehaug is intelligent, wise, and fair. And I'm delighted he will be officiating at my wedding!"

  • Lunch with Social Studies Teachers

    Today Justice Lillehaug had lunch with high school social studies teachers who include constitutional law in their curricula. Among those present were JoEllen Ambrose, a recipient of the ABA's award for law-related education, and Jennifer Bloom of the Learning Law & Democracy Foundation. This spring Justice Lillehaug guest-taught in Ms. Ambrose's Champlin Park High School class. Both Ms. Bloom and Ms. Ambrose, as individuals, publicly support Justice Lillehaug.

  • Over 1,000 Public Supporters!

    Justice Lillehaug’s campaign committee is excited to announce that Justice Lillehaug has over 1,000 public supporters from across Minnesota. This groundswell of support is a testament to Justice Lillehaug’s experience and his commitment to decide cases based on precedent and principles, not on politics. Click here to show your support for Justice Lillehaug’s campaign.

  • Justice Lillehaug connects with law students.

    Justice Lillehaug connects regularly with law students by speaking, teaching, and judging moot courts at the four local law schools. Today he welcomed 9 Fredrikson & Byron summer associates to the Minnesota Judicial Center and gave them a behind-the-scenes tour.

  • Family Lawyers for Justice Lillehaug Formed

    Today 11 family lawyers, co-chairs of the newly formed Family Lawyers for Justice Lillehaug, sent an email to members of the family law bar, soliciting their public support. The email states: "If you value thoughtfulness and good judgment, Justice Lillehaug is the clear choice." The 11 co-chairs, all prominent practitioners, are: JoMarie Alexander, Nancy Berg, Jane Binder, Gary Debele, Alan Eidsness, Ben Henschel, Ray Lazar, Andrea Niemi, Susan Rhode, Karen Schreiber, and Marty Swaden.

    This group reflects Justice Lillehaug's overwhelming and growing support from the family law bar.

  • Volunteers distribute letter from honorary chairs

    At the Minnesota State Bar Association convention's Ninth Day, Lillehaug volunteers distribute a letter from the committee's honorary chairs to more than 200 lawyers. The former Chief Justices and Justices urge lawyers to vote for and actively support Justice Lillehaug. A copy of the letter is here.

    Rebecca Randen, recent William Mitchell grad and Lillehaug volunteer.

  • Visit to Gray Plant Mooty

    Justice Lillehaug meets with lawyers and summer associates from the downtown Minneapolis firm of Gray Plant Mooty.  He visits with former Hennepin County Attorney Tom Johnson and former Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner. 

  • Breakfast with Minneapolis City Council Members

    Enjoying Justice Lillehaug's remarks at a breakfast reception (hosted by Minneapolis attorney Fabian Hoffner), are (left to right) Minneapolis City Council Members Linea Palmisano and Blong Yang and former Council Member Robert Lilligren.

  • A Visit to Crookston

    In Crookston, Justice Lillehaug visits with Bob Enger, Bemidji attorney who is the immediate past president of the Minnesota State Bar Association.

    Presenting to the bar association's Nine Days in Crookston, Justice Lillehaug gives a report on the last year of activity at the Supreme Court.

  • Justice Lillehaug Discusses the Importance of Pro Bono Work

    An audience of 80 summer associates at major Twin Cities law firms hears Justice Lillehaug discuss the importance of pro bono work. Attendees include pro bono coordinators Pam Wandzel from Fredrikson, Dianne Heins from Faegre Baker Daniels, and Theresa Murray Hughes from Stinson Leonard Street.

  • Visit Justice Lillehaug’s campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

    Justice Lillehaug’s campaign has launched pages on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Follow, like, and join us using the links below:

  • Retirement Party for State Public Defender John Stuart

    Justice Lillehaug attends the retirement party at William Mitchell College of Law for State Public Defender John Stuart. Justice Lillehaug strongly supports a robust public defender system, and wishes Stuart's successor, Bill Ward, the very best.

  • Overwhelming Support in the Family Law Bar

    Justice Lillehaug has overwhelming support from practitioners of family law. His supporters include the following family lawyers:

    JoMarie Alexander
    Rana Alexander
    Ann Allenson
    Chase L. Andersen
    Lisa Bachmeier
    Beth Wiberg Barbosa
    Nancy Zalusky Berg
    Jane Binder
    Patricia Buss
    Traci Capistrant
    Elizabeth Clysdale
    Susan A. Daudelin
    Gary Debele
    Jaime Driggs
    Sonja Trom Eayrs
    Alan Eidsness
    Lisa Elliott
    Judy Engel
    Margaret Erickson
    Joseph Flanders
    David Gapen
    Samantha Gemberling
    Mara Gollin-Garrett
    Cathy Gorlin
    Denis Grande
    Kathryn Graves
    Lisa Henry
    Ben Henschel
    Jeffrey Hicken
    Anne Honsa
    Jennifer Jameson
    John Jerabek
    Jade Johnson
    Diane Kaer
    Larry Katz
    Zachary Kretchmer
    Susan Lach
    Angela Lallemont
    Katie Lammers
    Sonja Larson
    Laurel Learmonth
    Raymond Lazar
    Laurie A. Mack
    Kevin McGrath
    Marilyn J. Michales
    Susan Dinkel Minsberg
    Joani Moberg
    Mary Mooney
    Brittany Pearson
    Andrea Niemi
    Roselyn Nordaune
    Dan O'Connell
    Patricia O'Gorman
    Linda Olup
    Nathalie Rabuse
    Susan Rhode
    Kristy Rodd
    Marian Saksena
    Lymari Santana
    Karen Schreiber
    Brian Sobol
    Lisa Spencer
    Martin Swaden
    Maren Swanson
    Scott Timm
    M. Sue Wilson
    Nancy Wilson
    Edward Winer
    William Winter
    Tifanne Wolter
    See the complete list of Justice Lillehaug's supporters here.
  • A Guest from China

    Kathleen Flynn Peterson of the Robins firm and her guest, Hui Wang, a lawyer from China visit with Justice Lillehaug and then observe oral argument.

    In the evening, Justice Lillehaug attends the MSBA Appellate Section's annual dinner.

  • Filing Closes

    Filing closes! Justice Lillehaug and a single opponent will meet in the general election. 

  • WCCO's "Open Court"

    Justice Lillehaug is interviewed on WCCO's "Open Court" radio show. Listen to the interview here.

  • Bar Association Dinner in Otsego

    Justice Lillehaug attends the 18th District Bar Association dinner in Otsego. He is drafted to participate in the after-dinner entertainment, a lawyers version of "Family Feud." The Justice's team does not prevail.

  • Dorothy Day Center

    Every year judges and court personnel serve a barbeque lunch at the Dorothy Day Center in St. Paul. This year Justice Lillehaug is the chief dispenser of pickles and relish.

  • Birthday!

    Justice Lillehaug celebrates his 60th birthday today. With the support of Minnesotans, he can serve ten more years on the Minnesota Supreme Court.

  • Visit to Faegre Baker Daniels

    The Minneapolis law firm of Faegre Baker Daniels hosts Justice Lillehaug, where he was a law clerk many summers ago.

  • Filing Day

    Today is the first day of filing, and Justice Lillehaug will be on the ballot for a full six-year term on the Minnesota Supreme Court. At noon, he attends the Hennepin County Bar Association’s annual meeting. Late in the day he is greeted warmly at a reception at the law firm of Maslon Edelman Bormann & Brand.

  • Kara's Graduation

    Justice Lillehaug’s buttons are busting today as his daughter, Kara, graduates from college! This fall she will be off to law school at Washington University in St. Louis.

  • New Judges

    Today two new judges on the Minnesota Court of Appeals – Denise Reilly and Peter Reyes – are invested in a beautiful ceremony at the Landmark Center. Justice Lillehaug looks on in this photo from Minnesota Lawyer.

  • Oral Argument at Champlin Park High School

    Along with the entire Court, Justice Lillehaug hears a case argued at Champlin Park High School. He lunches with a group of students and speaks to writing and government classes. Read about the Supreme Court's visit to Champlin Park High School in this article in the Star Tribune.

  • Special Election

    Justice Lillehaug starts the day by voting in a Hennepin County special election. He believes strongly in the constitutional right to vote and knows that even a few voters can tip the balance in an election!

  • National Mock Trial Championships

    Justice Lillehaug serves as a presiding judge at the national high school mock trial championships in Madison, Wisconsin. He presides over the semi-final round, won by the eventual national champion, Washington. Minnesota finishes with a 3-1 record, good for 12th place.

  • Law Day Dinner

    Justice Lillehaug attends one of his favorite events of the year, the annual Law Day dinner sponsored by the Fund for the Legal Aid Society.

  • Minneapolis Synod Assembly of the ELCA

    In his personal capacity, Justice Lillehaug serves as parliamentarian for the Minneapolis Synod Assembly of the ELCA.

  • Lena Smith Luncheon

    For the second year in a row Justice Lillehaug attends the Lena Smith Luncheon, which honors Minnesota’s African-American women lawyers.

  • It’s Law Day!

    It’s Law Day! Justice Lillehaug marks the occasion by teaching at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs in former Speaker Steve Sviggum’s class.

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